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DayZ Black


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The features that are advertised and that are present in the cheat works. There is a magic bullet that will hit instantly, there is the esp.

On the other hand, there are features that are not included, but advertised:

- Visibility checks, Bone Selection, Town esp, Corpse

None of them are present. There is also no silent aim.


Performance wise, the cheat is fine. The rendering of objects is not the best tho, some objects appear really late and there is no option to configure what esp items to show.

Detection wise, they advertise as not detected, but I got BE ban respecting every single line from the guide. No BE ban before. It was not instant detected, but it took just a few dayz of gameplay. 

After reporting the BE ban, they still say cheat is undetected and on their discord it seems that every time someone reported a BE ban they said the same time. 

On september, there is a info from them saying that they had 8 DayZ cheat subscription and at that time 2 persons were reporting BE ban. Since september, there are about 7 reports in total, all reporting BE ban and they reply to all that their cheat is not detected. That kinda means they will not patch it.

So whatever they choose to believe, the cheat is detected at some point and as money worth, I do not think its worth.

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