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  • Registration Terms
    TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF THE SERVICES OF Undergroundproviders (“the Agreement”)

    The Agreement was last updated on June 15th, 2020.



    1. Thank you for engaging our services provided by Undergroundproviders (“the Company”) at ‘https://undergroundproviders.co' (“Website”) owned and operated by Undergroundproviders.

    2. By accessing the Website and by clicking to accept the Agreement or accessing any of the Company or related services, you agree to all the terms and conditions of the Agreement.

    3. If you are accessing, using or ordering the Company’s service(s), related service(s) and/or purchasing a services on behalf of a Company or other entity, then “Customer” or “you” means that entity, and you are binding that entity to the Agreement.


    4. If you are affiliated with any of the following companies/organizations/entities:

    Valve Corporation
    BattlEye Innovations
    EasyAntiCheat Ltd
    Epic Games, Inc
    Bohemia Interactive a.s
    Facepunch Studios Ltd
    PUBG Corporation
    Electronic Arts, Inc.
    Activision Publishing, Inc

    You are not permitted to access the Website any further and must leave immediately.

    By affiliated with, this means but is not limited to: Current employee, former employee, acting on their behalf, volunteer, former volunteer, offering services to, acquainted with, related to and/or representing.




    5. The terms and conditions of the Agreement (together with any other terms and conditions agreed in writing between the Company and the Client from time to time) constitute the entire agreement between the parties and supersede any previous agreement(s) or understanding(s) and can be changed as and when required by the Company.




    6. The following words used herein have the following definitions and meanings :-

    6.1 ‘Authorized Users’ refers to the Client’s employees or any entity that is duly authorized to act on behalf of the Client.

    6.2 ‘Client’ refers to you as the receiver of the Services and will also include any third parties that are duly authorized to act on behalf of you.

    6.3 ‘Parties’ collectively refers to ‘the Company’ and its employees or any entity that is duly authorized to act on behalf of the Company for the carrying out of the Services as the Service Provider and ‘You’ as the Client and any third parties that are duly authorized for and on behalf of you.

    6.4 ‘Services’ refers to the services to be provided by the as displayed on the Website (subject to change).

    6.5 ‘Service Provider’ refers to the Company and/or its employees or any entity that is duly authorized to act on behalf of the Company for the carrying out of the Services.

    6.6 ‘We, Us or Our’ refers to the Company and its employees or any entity that is duly authorized to act on behalf of the Company for the carrying out of the Services.

    6.7 ‘You or your’ refers to the Client.




    7. General terms of the Services


    7.1 The Company shall provide the Services to the Client subject to the terms and conditions contained herein.

    7.2 The Company shall provide to the Client all Services as specified on the Company’s website whenever possible.

    7.3 The Company will refund the Client if he/she breaks PayPal tos.


    8. Responsibilities


    8.1 At the absolute discretion of the Company, it will provide the Client with the Services that they deem suitable for the Client.

    8.2 In the event that the Company is unable to provide the Services within a reasonable period from the dates(s) and time(s) and the Company have agreed or notified the Client then the Client may receive compensation from the Company by extending the expiration date of a given Service. The decision to give compensation is at the sole discretion of the Company.

    8.3 The Client shall not request the Company to perform Services which are immoral or unlawful in nature. The decision will be at the absolute discretion of the Company.

    8.4 The Client shall endeavor to provide the Company with as much detailed information as possible regarding the Services under request in order for the Company to provide suitable services.

    8.5 HWID resets are free of charge, but the Company reserve the right to charge for or deny a HWID reset request if it is deemed that the Client has failed to give a sufficient reason why it's necessary.


    9. Payment


    9.1 The Company offers various payment methods as displayed on the Website but reserves the right to change them at any time and without notice.

    9.2 The Company requires payment for Services to be made prior to the performance of the Service.

    9.3 The Company shall be entitled to vary the Charge from time to time and shall communicate any such changes by updating the prices on the Website.


    10. Refunds


    10.1 After the Parties have entered into the Agreement, refunds may only be requested, subject to the final discretion of the Company.

    10.2 Any refunds made by the Company will be with reduction of any direct costs including any payment processing fees.

    10.3 Without prejudice to any other rights and remedies available, the Company has the right to terminate and/or change the Agreement for the provision of all or any of the Services at will and without notice.

    10.4 There is a 50% restocking fee if when a refund is given. 




    11. The Company warrants to the Client that it shall use all of its reasonable endeavors to provide the Services using reasonable care and skill and as far as reasonably possible, in accordance with the Client’s order.

    12. The Company shall not be liable for any loss, cost, expense or damage of any nature whatsoever (whether direct or indirect) resulting from the use of Services.

    13. The Client must be able to read the English language in order to follow a set of instructions that include but are not limited to: Changing settings in a BIOS environment, changing settings in a Windows 10 environment and/or formatting storage devices and installing Windows 10 x64.

    14. The Company shall not be liable or be deemed to be in breach of the Agreement by reason of any delay in performing, or any failure, any of the Company’s obligations in relation to the Services, if the delay or failure was due to any cause beyond the Company’s reasonable control.

    15. The Client must not attempt to reverse engineer, crack and/or send any sensitive data that relates to the Company and its Services, including keys, software, login details and any discussion that has taken place within the private sections of the web site accessible by paying Clients only.

    16. The Client is responsible for the security of their account(s), including their Forum, Discord and/or PayPal account(s).

    17. The Company is not responsible for any sanctions taken against any of the Client's accounts, including the suspension or banning of any due to the use of the Services.

    18. The Company cannot guarantee the Services will always be in a usable state in which the risk to accounts is low and therefore Clients use the Services at their own risk and discretion.




    19. All private information shall be governed by the Privacy Policy on the Website.




    20. The Company may update or modify this Agreement from time to time and without notice. If the Company modifies the Agreement during the Services, the modified version will take effect upon the next Service and the date on the Agreement will be updated.

    21. Client may be required to check the update version from time to time after the modified version takes effect, in any event the continued use of the Services shall constitute acceptance of the modified version.




    22. The Agreement represents the parties’ complete and exclusive understanding relating to the Agreement’s subject matter. It supersedes all prior or contemporaneous oral communications, proposals and representations with respect to the Company or any other subject matter covered by this Agreement.




    23. The Agreement, shall unless otherwise suggested, incorporate all terms and conditions contained and set out in the Privacy Policy and other written documents deemed appropriate by the Company.

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